Please visit authorized dealers/retailers to purchase TRD products

Dear customers,
Please visit authorized dealers/retailers to purchase TRD products. To insure your privilege, please make sure to purchase our products from local providers instead of oversea provider. As district distributor will only provide service for certified local purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

Due to the high demands of our products, TRD has appointed different district distributors for after-sale support. Please contact the dearlers/retailers for service first. Contacting TRD directly would not accerelate the progress of solving problems. If the dealers/retailers do not reply, please contact TRD support for further service.
For those ungrounded slanders from our competitors, we will reserve the right to accuse. Beholder DS1 has excellent cost/performance and outstanding quality among similar products, which won countless favourable comments and supporting video from our customers. We truly believe that our clients can make their wise judgements. TRD appreciates our loyalty customer and distributors, and will continue to strive for producing premium products for you.

Thank you.

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