Beholder Handheld SP Gimbal

TRD-Beholder 3-AXIS Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer is not an ordinary selfie stick nor a mechanical Steadicam stabilizer. It is a perfect combination of Smartphone product and advanced gimbal technology. With the development of smartphone photography, the smartphone pixelnow rival some professional camera. But most of the customers do not use its photographic features effectively. Because of their phones' lack of stability or users are not trained for professional photo shooting.

The birth of Beholder makes the non-professional mobile phone users can shoot professional-level video. The gimbal will help eliminate unwanted camera movements and vibration, like shaky hands, footsteps, etc. It's portable and simple to use. During family gatherings, outdoor sports, and other daily activities, it can shoot smoothly without dither. It’s also better for professional documentary and behind-the-scenes filming.

Level the Stabilizer and turn it on .The motors will level within a few seconds, and you’re ready to shoot. The camera will follow your movements smoothly. It is better to keep the screen at eye level to find a good view. The gimbal will intuitively follow your hand movements, however, it is recommended to refrain from large abrupt moves .When shooting, please keep the handle in a vertical position for best performance. Then you are ready to shoot smooth and professional movies.

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