TRD Valkyrie 850 Foldable Hexacopter

  • MA850A-08
  • MA850A-01
  • MA850A-02
  • MA850A-03
  • MA850A-04
  • MA850A-05
  • MA850A-06
  • MA850A-07

Valkyrie 850 Foldable Hexacopter Frame by Team Rebel Design.
The kit only includes the frame and necessory accessory, not including the brushless gimbal, camera, motors, ESCs and props.

※The frame is made of high quality CNC metal parts and carbon fiber frames which is super light and strong.
※850mm Motor to Motor
※Foldable frame for most convenience.
※2mm Carbon Fiber Center Plate.
※25mm Carbon Tube Arm.
※Two arms are wine-red color and four arms are black color, for better direction recognition.
※Weight: 1080g

Video Clip:

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