Portfolio Category: Handheld Gimbal

Beholder 3-Axis Handheld MS1

A newly designed 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer for mirrorless cameras & DSLR. Beholder 3 Axis Stabilizer Pistol Grip is designed for professional videographers. Beholder 3 Axis Stabilizer will help user to correct camera shaking movement. The stabilizer is easy to use and small enough to travel with. Specifications: Height: 268mm, 10.5 Inches. Length: 168mm, 6.6 Inches.Width:…
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Beholder 3-Axis Handheld GoPro

The TRD-Beholder 3-Axis Stabilizer is designed for GoPro Hero cameras. The stabilizer gives non-professional users the ability to create professional looking video. The stabilizer’s gimbal will eliminate unwanted camera movements and vibrations. Such as shaky hands, and footsteps. The small size of the stabilizer makes it the prefect tool for capturing, family gatherings, sporting events,…
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Beholder Handheld SP Gimbal

TRD-Beholder 3-AXIS Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer is not an ordinary selfie stick nor a mechanical Steadicam stabilizer. It is a perfect combination of Smartphone product and advanced gimbal technology. With the development of smartphone photography, the smartphone pixelnow rival some professional camera. But most of the customers do not use its photographic features effectively. Because of…
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